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Librarian: Smt. Damyanti Nautiyal

Bacon the famous essayist in English has said, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.”
Library is a treasure house or store house of knowledge. In dictionaries the word library has been defined as "a building or room containing collection of books”. A library renders a great service to the society. It plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. There are many people who love reading but cant afford to buy books because the prices of books are very high, so one becomes a member of library and can borrow valuable books.
A well stocked library is an asset to college. In library not only books but also magazines, journals and news papers are well stocked for the benefit of readers. Besides this one can also get atlas, encyclopedia and various other important information. Reading is regarded as one of the most enriching habit for simple reason that it is just not a hobby or pastime that entertains you but it is also an educational activity and hence brings to you a vast reservoir of knowledge. Reading increases the drive for knowledge and inspires people to gain more information. Thus a library in higher education plays a very pivot role because:

  • It enhances active study skills.
  • Serves as a support to students.
  • A learning zone where facts and information can be obtained in wide variety of contexts.


S.No Particulars Quantity
1 Total number of books in library 47085
2 Books in Book Bank 5613
3 Others, back volume of journals 1300
4 Total Daily News Papers (English, Hindi, Employment news) 09
5 Total Predocial Magazines 17

Other Useful Text Material in Library: book gif photo: book thsimpsons.gif book animated photo: Typing On Book typing.gif

  • Encyclopedia in Hindi.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Dictionaries in Hindi/English.
  • Dictionaries in various subjects.
  • Himalayan Gazetteer.
  • Atlas.
  • Veda and Upanishads

     College Library Subscribes these

  useful  Journals in various Disciplines


Subject      Name of the Journal                             Editor                              Membership

Physics     Indian Journal of Radio,s and Space Physics        Das,J.,Ed.                            Annual

,,              Pranama Journal of Physics                                     Godbole,R-M;Ed.                     Annual

,,            Indian Journal of Pure and Appplied Physics            Bhatt , Poonam                         Annual

Botany   Ecology and Environmental science             Gopal,B.,Ed.                        Annual

,,              Current Science                                      Balram , P.                        Five Years

,,              The Botanica                                       Rao,K.,S.,Ed.                      Ten Years

,,              The Indian Forestier                            Bhojvaid ,PP., Ed.                  ,,

,,            Indian Jouranal of Traditional Knowledge      Singh,K.P.,Ed.                     Annual

Chemistry  Journal of the Indian Chemical Society     Chattopdhyay,Ed.              Annual

,,                Indian Journal of Chemistry                     Mathela, C-S.                    Annual

                                                                            Chakravarti,A-R,Ed.           Annual

Zoology    Journal of Aphidology                                Verma ,K.D.,Ed.               Annual

,,                Journal of Advanced Zoology                    Tripathi,S-P.,Ed.              Annual

,,               U.P.Journal of Zoology                            Goel,S-C.,Ed.                   Annual

,,              Journal of applied And natural Science         Gupta ,G-P.                    Annual

,,              Journal of Applied Bio-Science                 Shrivastava, O-P.,Ed.         Annual


,,     Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics    Kannam ,V.,Ed.                Annual

,,        Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences                  Azij ,Atif; ed.                   Annual

                          Arts     Books graphics


,,       IndianJourrnal of Agricultural Econimics          Majumdar,N.A.,Ed.             Annual

,,         The Indian Journal of Labour Econimics         Sharma ,A.N.,Ed.               Tri-Annual

,,           Yduog Vyapar Patrika( Hindi )                     Mahesh , Ed.                   Annual       


,,                        Re-Marking                               Ghosh,N.K.,Ed.               Life -Time

,,                  Journal of English- Literature             Prasad Amarnath              Tri-Annual

,,                      Dialogue                                     Hajela,S.C.,Ed.                Tri-Annual

,,                       Ruminations                                Sharma ,Ram                   Five-Years


,,               Sociological Bulletin                           Jaya Ram,N.,Ed.                 Five years

,,        Journal of Social and Economic Development     Desh Pandey,R-S.,Ed.         Five years

Political -Science

,,              The Indian Journal of Political Science                  Sharma , S-K                         Annual

,,               Shodharthi                                                         Verma , Anil Kumar                  Tri-Annual


,,                    Annals                                                          Mishra , H.N., Ed.                       Annual

Hindi Literature

,,             Tadbhav                                          Akhilesh                               Annual

,,                Alochana Traimasik                            Namvar Singh                        Annual


,,            Pahar                                    Pathak ,Shakher                           Life-Time


,,            Nav-gaveshna                                  Pandey Vivak                           Life- Time

,,              Vakovakyam (International Patrika)             ,,                                          ,,


,,         The Indian Journal of Medical Research     Satya Narayam,K.,Ed.                 Annual


,,         Journal of Educational Chronical                Jyagi Raman , N.,Ed.                 Annual


                     CommerceBooks graphics 

  ,,     Advanced in Management                    Garg,Shankar                     Annual    

,,       Management Accountant                  Galamde , Sudhia                  Annual

,,       The Management Accountant            Bose Rajendra                     Annual    

,,         Indian Journal of Commerce

           and management studies                 Pawar ,V-T,Ed.                   Bi-Annual

,,         Quest U.G.C. ( The Journal of U.G.C.)   San , B-L.,Ed.                   Annual

,,          Jouurnal of Commerce and                   Kadvekar,S-V.,Ed.             Annual

              Management Thought

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