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Any student studying at the College shall be subject to disciplinary procedures if found guilty of misconduct. Under these regulations, misconduct is broadly defined as:

  • Improper interference with the functioning or activities of the College, or of those who work or study in the College

  • Action which otherwise damages the College or its reputation.

Guiding princples regarding good conduct.

Students should

a) behave in a responsible manner designed to foster mutual respect and understanding between all members of the College community;

  1. not behave in any way which may be considered threatening or disruptive, or being likely to lead to injury or physical or emotional harm to any of its students or staff;

  2. not intentionally damage of deface College buildings or other property;

  3. act within the law and not engage in any activity or behaviour likely to bring the college into disrepute.

    Guiding principles regarding misconduct In particular, the College considers the following examples toconstitute misconduct, whether occurring on College premises or elsewhere. The list should not be considered as exhaustive:

a) Prevention or disruption of academic, performance-related, social, sporting or other activities

b) Disruption of the administration of the College and any of its activities

c) Obstruction of the functions, duties or activities of any student,or employee of the College or visitor to the College

d) Any conduct which seriously affects the good order of the College,or which brings the College into disrepute

e) Violent, disorderly, indecent, threatening or offensive behaviouror language

f) Theft, misappropriation, damage or misuse of College property, orthe property of the College’s staff, students or visitors, causedintentionally or recklessly

g) Misuse or unauthorised use of College premises

h) Breach of the provisions of any College rule, regulation, policy,procedure or code of practice

i) Repeated academic offences including cheating or plagiarism in academic course work or in examinations

j) Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on College premises.

k) Any conduct which constitutes a criminal offence

l) Any conduct which deprives members of the local community of theirrights as citizens or affects the good order of the wider community

m) Sexual, racial or other harassment of any student or member ofCollege staff, or any visitor to the College

n) Failure to respect the rights of others to freedom of belief andfreedom of speech

o) Misappropriation of funds or assets of the College or Students’Union

p) Attempted or actual invasion or abuse of the security, integrity or prvacy of any files or confidential material.

q) Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty, by verbal written or other means, in relation to the College or its staff, students or visitors

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