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INCHARGE SPORTS: Mr.Madhukesh Gupta.

 The college has a full fledged post of lecturer of Physical Education to guide the college students in various sports activities and to look after the other sports requirements. College has its own play ground as per standard fixed by University. The play ground is big enough to conduct at ease the games like Cricket, Hockey, Foot ball, Hand ball and various events of the athletics. The help is also taken from the District Sports officials and SAI  Institution to conduct indoor games. The  specialized fields for Basket ball and Volley ball are also available in the college. 

The games department is equipped with sufficient materials and equipments to impart the training and conduct the various games. However for the material and equipments which are not available at present the help is sought after on the eve of the games events.

ACTIVITIES    Every year a special sports committee is formed to conduct the college sports activities. The open competition for selection of the players of each game is 

held under the direction and supervision of trained coaches. After the strict and fair selection players are sent to participate in ten days training camp and then

finally sent to participate in inter collegiate and inter University competitions.

ACHIEVEMENTS  Awards-01-june.gif (16478 bytes)
College students have achieved a lot in the past in various disciplines of the games. Many students of the college have participated at national level and have won Medals.  


 The College Encourages and supports the students to participate and excel in games

-----Students have excelled in


Deepak Kumar       B.A.I      2006-07   Won   Gold-Medal
Gurumale Singh     B.A.I      2006-07   Won   Bronze-Medal
Varun Tyagi            B.A.I      2007-08   Won   Bronze –MedaL
Kuldeep Tomar      B.A.I      2008-09    Won   Gold-Medal
Varun Tyagi            B.A.III    2009-10   Won   Silver- Medal
Kuldeep Tomar      B.A.II     2009-10   Won   Bronze Medal

Kuldeep Tomar     M.A.       2011-12    Won    Silver medal ( Sirsa)

Kuldeep   Tomar  Represented India in Turkey for World-Championship (2008-09)


Govind Singh       B.A.I      2010-11    won    Bronze - Medal.

Jagmeet Kaur                   20111-12  won   Silver- Medal ( Punjab)


Amar Singh Bisht   M.A.I   2009-10   won    Bronze - Medal


Param Singh         B.A.III  2009- 10   won   B ronze -Medal


Shalini Saran Sinha         2011-12    won    Bronze-Medal (Manipur)

All These Medals have been Won at ALL India University Competetion

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