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           Quality assurance is a byproduct of ongoing efforts to define the objectives of an institution to have a work plan to achieve them and to specify the checks and balances to evaluate the degree to which each of the tasks is fulfilled. Hence devotion and commitment rather than mere institutional control is the basis for devising procedures and instruments for assuring quality.

          Education may be defined as something that may be offered to the people in order to acquire conscience of their creative and sensory motor capabilities, expressive and communication capacities and finally, intellectual and emotional abilities. All possibly through pedagogic and recreational experience.

 Dr.Devraj Mishra, Coordinator


         "NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY WHAT IS YOURS AND YOU NURTURED EXCEPT FOR A SMALL PERIOD. IT WILL FINALLY COME BACK TO YOU"                                                                        - MAHATMA BUDHA                                                                                     



 Works Done by IQAC constituted in September 2010
1. Letter of Intent to N A AC November 2010
2. Submission of R AR in August 2011
3. Obtained  I Feed-Back in  Feb.2011 from Students
4. Obtained II Feed Back in Feb. 2012 from Students
5. Organised Historical  Alumni Meet April 2012
6. Obtained  I Feed-back from Alumni in April 2012
7. Subscribed  Various Reputed Journals  for the Library
8. Initiated Computerization of Library
9.Submitted A Q AR  2011-12 in March 2013
10. Obtained III Feed-back in Nov.2013 from Students
11.Created one mini Computer Lab in P.G.Block ( Arts)for students support
12.Organised   Workshop on Right to information in May 2013
13. Submitted  A Q A R 2012-13 in Oct.2013
14. Completely  Re-formulated & Reshaped  the Web- Site
15.Prepared Report for Granting Autonomous Status to the College--


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Re-Accreditation Grading


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